Why Go To Spring Kallah? By Mem/Kad Sydney Suss



“I’M A GOLDEN BOYYYYYYY, COME HERE TO ENJOYYYYY” I scream at the top of my lungs about 3 octaves off from the actual pitch of the song. I turn onto the road and take another sip of my tea. A flashback of IC sets into my head as I remember jumping up and down in my hotel room dancing with my roommates. Excitement rushes back through my body. Spring convention. Two weeks away. My family.

I think more about what I could possibly write for this next Swizzle post.

Fast forward to my AP US history class and here I am on my computer typing away.

Spring convention. A convention in between Fall Kallah and Regionals that never was actually during the springtime. If you were to choose what convention to go to and only could choose one for the year, I would tell you to come to Spring. I have several different reasons for this:

  1. It is the perfect time to be able to take a break for a weekend because it is in the middle of the school year.
  3. We are getting to take a regional bus and drive together as one unit. This is the perfect opportunity to bond.
  4. The regional bus gives you the opportunity to do any homework if necessary because there is such a long drive.
  5. We get to experience Mardi Gras!
  6. Some of the best programs I have ever experienced are going to be at this convention. I can’t tell you what, but they are going to be soooo much fun!!!
  7. This gives people an opportunity to not just go to another state, but learn about a whole different culture separate of your own.

No, this isn’t a long article. But I will tell you this, there isn’t much to say. USY gives you the opportunity to do amazing things, and going to conventions is just another one of those things.