Don’t Fear- Go To Israel by Nathan Bishop

Hello SWUSY, Nathan here, your 2015-2016 Programming/Israel Affairs Vice President. I want to take a moment and tell y’all a little bit about what has been going on in Israel over the past four and a half months, 30 Israelis have been murdered and 301 wounded by terrorists. There have been 83 stabbing attacks, 22 vehicle ramming attacks, and 15 shootings against Israeli civilians. This is a fact stated in The Jerusalem Post. However, I am not publishing this article to spew hatred and instill fear into all of you. In fact, that is the last thing I want to do, because when we, the Jewish people begin to feel fear, the terrorists are winning.

I am writing this article to tell you how ecstatic I am to be spending next year in Israel on Nativ: College Leadership Program in Israel where I will be spending a semester studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the second semester in the small Negev city of Yerucham participating in community service.

I am not afraid. I believe that when my home, the land that the Jewish people have won and lost from generation to generation is under attack, the last thing I should be doing is avoiding it. This would mean the terrorists have won. I believe that although Israel is in one of its worst situations yet in its history, I still need to be there. My pride and joy for Israel are why I told my mom and dad in the 10th grade that I am going on Nativ. I also told them, “If I say I don’t want to go anymore, tell me I am wrong.” Nativ is where I am meant to be.

Now I am not telling you to spend a full year in Israel like me. That’s ridiculous. I’m telling you to take whatever chance you can get to go to Israel, whether it is on USY Pilgrimage or with your camp or another Israel program. Please USY, stand up like the amazing Jewish teens that I know you all are and do not let terror conquer the Jewish people.


Nathan Bishop