A Word On Climate Change From Zeke Robinson

Imagine yourself taking a nap in a hammock hanging 20ft in the air attached to two trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The sun is shining down and monkeys are swinging in the air while jungle cats prowl around on the ground in the bushes and underbrush. The birds are chirping in the air and it’s misty outside with only a little bit of humidity and the hummingbirds are gathering pollen from beside your head. Now take that dream or vision and crumple it like a piece of paper, for that’s what these trees are being taken for—paper.

That dream that you just had right there will only be around for as long as we, the human race, aren’t cutting down our rainforests and mowing them down for farmland for cattle and other animals that release great amounts of methane on a daily basis. Those great amounts of emissions from the cows is only one of MANY disturbing and outrageous forms of pollution that cause what we know now is called Climate Change. Climate Change is a PROVEN thing that is happening with FACTS and we the humans that live on this planet we call Earth are responsible for these drastic changes. There is no excuse for the actions that have made the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere drastically increase in the past 250 years. Humans have increased the levels of these gases (Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrous Oxide) in different forms over the years starting with the Industrial Revolution. Air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels contributes to global warming but also causes acid rain, asthma, and other harmful effects.

We can limit the amount of carbon and other air pollution that we are currently putting out to save our lives as well as entire species. In the next couple of decades the ice caps could be gone and polar bears (my favorite animals) may be extinct in the wild, as well as other animal species, while others will be forced to live in zoos to survive. The sea level will rise with the melting ice will change coastlines and flood some cities, including New York, New Orleans, and Miami among others.

Now there are some ways to prevent this mass catastrophe that is fast approaching and is inevitable unless we cut our greenhouse gas emissions soon and let the atmosphere do the rest. We can play a part. You, me, and everyone else can do things like turn off the lights when they aren’t needed, ride a bike, or have a more energy efficient mode of transportation, and many many others. You CAN make change, one man/woman at a time, don’t let this opportunity to save lives pass you up! Don’t make the mistake of idly standing by—do something. We can make a difference.