What USY Is To Sydney Wigder

There is a certain feeling that was recently described to me that I didn’t know existed. When you feel so happy that you could cry. This is the feeling I get when I get to a SWUSY Convention. Seeing everyone for the first time in months, some of them my best friends, is just the greatest feeling in the world, and I’m sure many of you have felt it too.

Convention is a place where you can escape. It’s a place where you know everyone loves you and cares about you. If I didn’t have USY, my life would feel empty. Whether it’s seeing their faces in person, on a computer, or through text, SWUSY makes me happier than anything else. When I’m at a USY convention, I feel loved and important. With all the stress of school, it is amazing to leave it all behind for a weekend, which goes by way too quickly for my liking.

To be 100% honest, I don’t know any other feeling than that original feeling I mentioned earlier when I’m talking about USY. All of my school friends can tell you that there are 2 things that I talk about waaaay too much…. my favorite bands and USY. USY is one of the most important aspects of my life; it is the place where I have met some of my best friends in the entire world.

Whenever I see the smiles at a convention, it makes me smile much much more than I have in that past period without USY. USY is my heart and home. USY is a place to feel welcome. USY is where I achieve that special feeling.