How to Survive Your Senior Year in SWUSY by Swizzle Editor Eden Torbatian

Hey SWUSYites!

I think that most seniors’ checklists consist of the following items:

  1. Complete the application to ____ school.
  2. Find teachers to ask for letters of recommendation for my applied colleges.
  4. Find some more scholarships to apply to.
  5. Find out how much is housing at ___ school.
  6. Find a date and a dress for Prom!
  7. Order cap and gown for graduation.


The list goes on and on! But one of the parallel things as a USYer is the involvement in the events and in your region. With all of these major things to do, it can become extremely difficult to partake in your chapter’s events and in the region’s events as a whole. I have also struggled to maintain attendance at SWUSY events, but hopefully with my guide, I may also be able to help myself become a better SWUSYite!


Step #1:  Try and keep track of upcoming events and schedule your work availability around it.

Step #2: If you have some free time, ask your chapter president or advisor to make an event around a time where you are least likely to be the busiest (either in work or school).

Step #3: If both steps 1 or 2 don’t work, you can write a quick article to the Swizzle! We always need more input and even if it’s something small, it’s always a great idea to contribute to it.

Step #4: Try to get all of your work done a couple of days before a kallah or convention arrives. Even though it will be a lot to handle in the beginning, this will help you stress out less during the convention.


These 4 steps have seemed to help me out in some ways and I’m sure it may help out my fellow seniors (or soon to be seniors!!).


I hope y’all have an incredible spring break! Make sure to write into the Swizzle Blog before the break!


Eden Torbatian

Swizzle Editor 2016