The Little Things by Rashi President and Kadima Koordinator Sam Shane (27)


It’s the little things that count. They keep adding up, and together they make up a big part of your memory. For me, it’s always been about the little things.

I’m very active in two youth groups: USY and BBYO. The very first day I joined BBYO and met my best friend, he said, “I like you. You’re gonna do great things.” A little thing. It’s the reason I became active in BBYO. In USY, former regional president Alexa Price started calling me @samshane27, my Instagram username. A little thing, and now it’s quite a big thing in SWUSY. It’s one of the reasons I stayed active. It made me feel special.

It doesn’t always take being someone’s closest friend to make an impact on them. Telling someone that they look great or they wrote a great program or something to that effect can have a bigger impact than you can ever imagine. It’s a little thing, but to them, it could mean the whole world.

On the flip side, the little things could have quite the negative impact. Calling someone a mean slur or neglecting to tell someone thank you or please can stay with them for a while. Almost everyone can agree that not feeling appreciated is one of the worst feelings in the world. That is why you can’t afford to say the mean things to someone. While it may just be one little thing not said to them, if it is said, it could be what drives them off the cliff. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Car rides. Heart to hearts. Pleases and thank yous. Reaching out to someone. They’re little things. They can and will add up.

Talk to the person you ride next to on the bus. Don’t be afraid to tell what’s on your mind to someone who’s asking. Say please. Say thank you. Reach out to someone.

It could mean the world to them.