IC NOLA Volunteer Information

Volunteering at #ICNOLA


Thank you for considering volunteering at the International USY Convention in New Orleans from December 22-26! USY is the youth program of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and sponsors youth programs across North America.  Close to 1000 Jewish high school students and staff will come together for five days full of action packed programming.  The International USY Convention is an incredibly powerful program, having an extraordinary impact on its participants.

We need your help to make this event a success! In order to keep the cost of the convention as affordable as possible, each year, we count on the generosity of local volunteers (19 and older) to help out at our convention. Throughout the week, we have many “chaperone” shifts ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length.  We need the support of the community to assist in supervising our teens.  We know that you will walk away from your experience inspired and awestruck by these outstanding young Jewish leaders.

In addition to needing chaperones we are looking for registered doctors and nurses.   Also, we are looking for donations of bulk snacks and medical supplies. If you have any connections, please reach Maury Jacobs, Southwest Region USY Director, at jacobs@uscj.org.

Please log in to our volunteer database to share your availability and/or choose specific chaperone shifts. Below you can find user friendly step by step registration instructions. Registering should take no more than 5 minutes. We truly appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you at #ICNOLA!

If you have any questions or issues signing up, please reach Maury at jacobs@uscj.org.

Quick Links:
Step 1: Creating an Account
Step 2A: Setting Availability
Step 2B: Choosing your Shifts


Step 1: Creating an Account

1) After clicking the link to the volunteer website, click the “register” button.



2) The next page will ask for basic information to create your account. First Name, Last Name, and Email address are all required. Cell phone is optional, but we would appreciate you sharing so we can be in touch if needed. None of your personal information will be shared. Once complete, click “next”.

3) Click “login now”.



4) You’ll have to enter your newly created username and password. Then click “submit”.

5) You should now see the volunteer dashboard!


Note: From the dashboard, you have a few options. Would you like to let us know your availability in time blocks and then let us assign you as needed? See Step 2A: Setting Availability. Want to check out the list of shifts by day and choose the exact ones you want? See Step 2B: Choosing your Shifts. Would you like to do a combination of both? either follow 2A and the optional substep 4 or use the built in “Schedule Wizard“.

Step 2A: Setting Availability

1) Hover over “Schedule” in the top green bar across the page, and click “My Availability”.



2) A list of “time blocks” by day will appear. Please click the check box next to ALL  times blocks when you have availability. We will not schedule you for more shift than you want, but this will help make sure you are placed when your assistance is most needed. Once you are done, click the green Submit button.

3) (Optional) Click “find matching shifts” to choose exact shifts that work in your availability. If not, we can do this for you!

4) If you didn’t set your own shifts, let us know how many we can schedule you for. Hover over “About You” and choose “Additional Information”. Input the number of shifts that you would like, and then click submit. We will assign you and let you know what shifts you were assigned.

How many shifts.

5) You are all set! You are able to sign back in and add / remove availability or sign up for more shifts!

Step 2B: Choosing your Shifts

1) From the dashboard, choose the “View all Shifts” green button.

view shifts


2)  Change the dropdown “select a date” to switch between the 5 days of convention.

3) The example below shows the volunteer shift options for Sunday, December 22nd. The nurse and doctor shifts are marked as such. The Chapterones shifts are for anyone. The start and end times are listed on this page. When you see a shift you are interested in, click the green “view button” which will take you to more information and allow you to choose that shift.

sunday shifts


4) In this example, we are interested in “Sun Chaperones B” from 5pm to 7pm. To add any shift to your schedule, just click the green “Add Session” button. A pop up will appear, click the OK button.

add session

5) Continue adding as many shifts as you would like! You can change the drop down for selecting the date to see all the different options. Feel free to log back into your account at any time to add more shifts!