Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the SWUSY FAQ page. Currently, there are two categories for the FAQ. Are you having trouble with our new online registration system? This is a good place to check for help first. Also, new to the USY/Kadima world? Learn more about how conventions work: what we do, supervision, and transportation logistics. Is your question not answered on this page? Please be in touch with Jacki Honig, Regional Teen Engagement Director.


  • Online Convention Registration
    Please refer here for issues and questions about registering for a convention using our new RegPacks online system.
  • I am getting ready to create an account for myself/my child for the first time. What should I know first?

    One of the nice features about RegPacks is that after you register for your first event in the system, about 80% of the information will apply for future registrations making it so you don't have to start each application from scratch! This means that the login that you choose will remain with you/your child for all future events through USY graduation. Please take this into consideration when creating the username for the account. We can get a username changed if needed, but it has to go through RegPacks and can take up to 48 hours.

    Please make sure and write down the username for future reference.

    Once the account is created, you'll be able to specify email addresses for participant, and up to 2 parents. Those email addresses can be updated by logging into your account, and are the ones we will use to reach you.

  • I created an account for a previous event, and now when I try to log in, it says "The username already exists in the system. Please select a different one."

    When you are logging in with an existing account, you must be in the "login" view. If you are getting this message, you are likly in the "register" view. Please click "Login" or "login to my account" above the Register section. Then try again

  • I'm trying to register a second child with the same email address, but it tells me an account already exists.

    Just like most online accounts, you can only have one per email address. You could consider using a different parent email (i.e. work, spouse, etc) or the child's email address. You will get a chance to input "parent email address" as part of the application and we will always use that email when sending out important emails about your child's registration.

    If you have a gmail address, you could also add (or remove) a period from the address. Our registration system will view it as a different account, but gmail will get it to the same address (for example according to gmail, is the same as

  • I chose to "pay by manual check", and the system is telling me my application is not complete. I'm stuck in a loop.

    The payment page will not be marked complete until a payment is made. If you have filled out all the other pages of the application, then you've gone as far as you can for now. Once the check is received, the page will be marked complete and your application will be 100% complete.

  • Can I use my phone or tablet to complete registration?

    Not currently. The registration system is not fully compatible with any phone or tablet web browsers.

  • What web browser can I use for registration?

    The system is optimized to work with all of the major internet browsers. Any version of Firefox, any version of Chrome, any version of Safari as well as Internet Explorer 9 or above. Go to the help menu and click "About Internet Explorer" if you are unaware which version of Internet Explorer you are using. If an error message appears instructing you to turn on cookies please refer to this article in our help desk on how to enable cookies within your specific browser.

  • I'm receiving partial scholarship from my synagogue. How do I pay my portion?

    If you are sending a check in the mail, just make it out for your portion and send it in. If you are paying by e-check or credit card, when you go to the payment page, there will be a chance to "short pay" your portion of the balance.

    When we receive the scholarship portion from your synagogue, we will apply that portion to your account. Please make sure to let us know if you are receiving scholarship so we can keep a look out for it.

  • I got a message instructing me to turn on cookies. What should I do?

    Check out this link from RegPacks on how (and why) to turn on cookies.

  • I forgot my password!

    This is easy to reset. Please go to the login page and right under the password box, click "forgot password". You will be instructed to supply your login email and an email will be sent to that address helping you reset your password.

  • I forgot my username!

    Please email Maury at and he'll be happy to let you know what your username is.

  • I never received a confirmation email? Is my application complete?

    The system is set up to send a confirmation email when the event is fully paid for. If you haven't received the confirmation, please check that you have paid in full. If you have, its possible that the email was sent to another address associated with the account.

    If you still haven't recieved the email, please be in touch with Maury and he is happy to look into it.

  • I made a mistake on one of my forms or I need to change information that I previously entered. What do I do?

    Most pages in the system are open for editing at any time. If you are already signed in, just click your name in the upper left to get to your dashboard and access any of your completed pages. If you are out of the application, just log in and you can access the dashboard.

    In most cases, we only lock forms that need to be signed, like the consent form. If there is a locked form that you need to edit, please reach out to Maury.

  • I created a duplicate account for myself/my child without realizing it. What should I do?

    The system does not handle duplicates well, so please let us know when this happens. It's best to always register with your original account since it keeps track of your convention attendance history.

    In these cases we need to archive the additional accounts, and we may need to merge some of your past attendance information. Once the additional account is archived, if you log back into it, all the forms will be locked.

  • Regional Conventions
    This section is for general questions about regional conventions. Topics include supervision, transportation, fees, etc.
  • How does transportation work?

    Transportation is arranged on the chapter level and often requires an additional cost. Depending on the distance from your city will determine the mode of transportation. In the case of a van or charter bus rental, your chapter staff may not be able to give a final cost until they get final numbers around the convention registration deadline. All questions about transportation should be geared to your chapter staff.

  • Can a USYer drive himself/herself to convention?

    No. USYers may not drive themselves to/from convention under any circumstances. This includes when the convention is hosted at their synagogue.

  • Can a participant come late / leave early?

    This question is handled on a case by case basis. We feel that with limited conventions during the year, each minute is important, but we would rather have your child there for some of the convention versus none. Due to national policies, participants may not come/go during Shabbat. Please contact us directly with any questions.


  • Where do participants stay during convention?

    It depends on which convention it is. Traditionally Fall Kallah/Kamp Kadima is held at a campsite (often Greene Family Camp or Camp Young Judaea) and the participants stay in cabins. Spring Kallah and Kadima Convention are home hospitality, so the participants stay with a few other USYers at different host homes of synagogue members of the hosting synagogue. Regionals is held at a hotel or college dorm. For all conventions your teens can make requests on who they would like to stay with and the region does their best to accommodate the requests.


  • What kind of programming goes on at convention?

    The specifics change from convention to convention, but you can usually expect all of the following in our action packed schedules:

    • A fun and educational Israel Program (i.e. Israel Rally or Walk, Speaker, Israeli Dancing, Israeli Food Activity)

    • A Social Action program (i.e. Going somewhere in the community to help, Making something to donate) **these activities can often be used for community service hours

    • Lots of free time with your friends (i.e. Swimming, Hang out time, Sports)

    • A fun Saturday night program (i.e. a dance, trip to comedy club, boat party, mardi gras parade)

    • Meals and Services

    • Other fun activities planned by Regional board members or convention chairs (Bonfire, Gameshows, Iron Chef competition, Scavenger Hunt)


    A preliminary schedule will be sent to all participants as the convention approaches.

  • What is included in the convention fee?

    For the most part our conventions are all inclusive. Teens are encouraged to bring spending money (for any special places visited during convention or snacks/food while traveling) and money for our Tzedakah program, Tikun Olam.

    Included in the convention fee is all kosher meals during the convention, kosher snacks, lodging, all programming, transportation to off site programming, and a t-shirt (not all conventions).

    Transportation to/from the convention usually costs extra. Also, all convention participants need to be paid members of USY/Kadima. These prices vary from chapter to chapter. Please check with your chapter staff to find out more about transportation fees and membership.


  • Who is eligible for conventions?


    All 9-12 grade Jewish teens are invited to events in the Fall and 8th graders can join starting in the Spring! As in all USY events, participants do not have to be Conservative Jews or even members of a synagogue to join us. They do however need to be a member of the chapter.


    All 6-8 grade Jewish teens are invited in the Fall. Starting in the Spring, 5th graders are included. As in all Kadima events, participants do not have to be Conservative Jews or even members of a synagogue to join us. They do however need to be a member of the chapter.

  • What kind of supervision is there at these events?

    The Regional Youth Director, Maury Jacobs, is the planner and facilitator of the regional conventions. Each chapter delegation is also required to send at least one staff person per ten participants. These staff people are either Kadima advisors from the synagogue or parent volunteers. All staff members, paid or volunteer, go through a background check before staffing events.

  • Is scholarship available for conventions?

    In most cases, scholarship is handled through the local synagogues. In cases of extreme need, the region is sometimes able to assist financially as well, but please contact your synagogue before approaching the region for scholarship.

     The region has a special fund dedicated to Regional Convention in the Spring. Information about that fund can be found here.