Comm VP

SWUSY Communications VP 2018-2019 – Ilana Williams


Hey y’all! My name is Ilana and I’m so excited to be your Communications VP this year! I’ve been part of USY since 8th grade and fall in love with it more after each event. I come from the mighty AAUSY chapter and served as chapter outreach and president. I’ve also been part of two International Conventions (IC Dallas and IC Chicago) as well as “Classic” USY on Wheels, Bus B 2017 (#noplaceiratherb)! Outside of USY I participate in Newspaper and photojournalism. This year in SWUSY I want to teach our region the importance of communications because, not only will it help the region, but it was also help us as individuals. I’m always open to talk, so don’t be shy to come on by! 


Ilana Williams