Regional General Board

Regional General Board 2018-2019

Dear Applicant,

Serving as a SWUSY Regional General Board member is an extremely rewarding experience. Regional General Board allows SWUSYites to have an impact on USYers throughout the region, through numerous different opportunities.

The SWUSY Regional General Board (RGB) is made up of a group dedicated and passionate USYers, each one in charge of a different aspect of USY in SWUSY. As a member of the RGB you will have the responsibility of working with your Regional Board counterpart throughout the year on projects that you initiate as well as those delegated to you by your overseeing officer. It is because of the RGB that SWUSY will be able to provide incredible programming throughout the year. If you are looking to improve SWUSY, becoming an RGB member is an effective way of doing so.

If you are chosen to be on the RGB, you will be a part of a very important team. You will be responsible for completing the tasks assigned to your position. You will also be responsible for coming to both regional and chapter events and representing SWUSY. Each General Board Member is required to attend Leadership Training Institute, LTI, (August 16-19, 2018), and required to attend least one of Spring Kallah and Fall Kallah.
If you are unsure about attending these events, but are interested in being part of the RGB, please contact Jacki ( Most importantly, you will be expected to be a Dugmah, positive role model, for fellow USYers.

While decisions will not be made until immediately before LTI, all applicants who apply for RGB will receive a position and therefore are expected to attend LTI. Please make sure that you only choose positions that you are interested in holding. In addition, the Regional Executive Board (REB), may choose to offer you a position other than those listed or that you have applied for.

If you are applying to be a convention chairperson (Fall Kallah, Spring Kallah, Regional Convention, Kadima Koordinator), in addition to this application, you must write and submit a program that could be used at this convention. Feel free to use any program format used in your chapter or reach out to Jacki for a program template that can be used. This program is also due by the deadline (Sunday, August 5, 2017 @ midnight CST), and must be sent to Jacki ( and Morgan (

All RGB applications are due Sunday, August 5, 2017 by midnight Central Time. This deadline will be strictly enforced, and any application received after the deadline may not be considered. The Board will be meeting shortly afterward and must be able to review the applications.

You can review the various positions and responsibilities here: . You’ll find the same information listed on page 3 of this application.

Click HERE for the application.

We look forward to reading your applications!

Thank you,

The SWUSY Regional Executive Board

Morgan Gonzales – President
Michelle Goss – Programming/Israel Affairs VP
Carol Lahana – Religion Education Culture VP
Emma Fiesinger – Membership/Kadima VP
E Berlin – Social Action/Tikun Olam VP
Ilana Williams – Communications VP


  • Senior Programmer (1-2 people): Works with Regional President and is in charge of planning senior programs at regional events.
  • Fall Kallah Co-Chair (2 people): Responsible for the planning and programming of Fall Kallah at Camp Young Judaea Texas. These people will be required to attend Fall Kallah (including set-up) Thursday, November 15-Sunday, November 18, 2017.
  • IC Orlando Promoter: Works to increase regional publicity for International Convention through social media, word of mouth, and other methods throughout the region. This person should plan on attending IC and post-convention, December 23-27, 2017 & December 27-28, 2017, in Orlando.
  • Regionals Co-Chair (2 people): Responsible for the planning and programming of Regional Convention in 2018. These people will be required to attend Regional Convention (including set-up).
  • NOAM Partnership Coordinator: Last year, International USY launched a global partnership with the Masorti youth movement NOAM Olami. This year, we are launching an RGB that will be responsible for coordinating programs wit NOAM Mexico. The partnership coordinator will work closely with International NOAM Partnership Coordinators to facilitate year-long projects and build relationships between Mexican teens and USYers.

Programming/Israel Affairs VP

  • Israel Program Coordinators (1 person) – These people will work together to create our Israel programs for conventions. They will help to plan and lead Israel programs. These shiurim will focus on promoting and teaching Israel advocacy through sessions regarding different aspects of Israeli society, including culture, politics, defense, business, technology, etc. They will also be responsible for working with the IA VP to make sure SWUSY answers the International Israel Challenge. This includes making sure that chapter know about the Israel Challenge in the first place, and of course, that SWUSY wins. They will also be in charge of executing a Hebrew speaking table during meals, finding Israeli snacks for chofesh, and making sure there is Israeli music at the dances.
  • Summer Program Promoter – This person will be responsible for informing USYers about current and future summer programs. Whether they be in Israel, the U.S., or anywhere else this person will inform SWUSY about them. They can use the Facebook group, Twitter and Remind to keep SWUSY informed about these trips.
  • Israel Update Liaison – This person will have shared control of the SWUSY Israel Affairs Twitter account with the regional IA.  They will be in charge of updating the region on current affairs in culture, politics, defense, business, technology and other aspects of Israeli life via Twitter and Facebook. In addition, this person will update SWUSY during conventions with interesting and relevant Israel updates.  This person also will assist with the Israel Remind text system by sending out Israel updates via text in a variety of different categories periodically. This person will also inform the region about upcoming Israel events and rallies within the region.

**All Israel/World Affairs Regional General Board Members will assist to create Israel programming for conventions!

Religion Education Culture VP

  • RECing Crew (2-3 people)- in charge of helping create and lead creative Shacharits for conventions, educating people and chapter RECs about Judaism, and assisting with teaching the online monthly sessions that will take place in regards to teaching people about services and reading torah. RECing crew will be involved with all REC activities during conventions (services, birkat hamazon, etc.)
  • Ruach Chair(s) (1-2 people)- responsible for helping to lead ruach and sloach and engaging USYers and Kadimanicks in being involved in ruach and sloach. Also responsible for helping teach ruach and sloach to chapter RECs (if needed).
  • REC Buddy Coordinator (1 person) – Will help REC VP match REC buddies and check in on their progress, as well as having their own buddy.
  • Chag Chair- Responsible for posting on facebook about holidays (with recipes or other fun things to do during the holidays along with information about the holiday)

Membership/Kadima VP

  • Kadima Koordinators (2 people): Works with Membership Kadima VP to oversee the planning and programming of Kadima Konvention in the Spring and Kamp Kadima in the Fall. Must attend Kamp Kadima and Kadima Konvention in their entirety, including set-up (Thursday-Sunday for both).
  • First Timer Friends (2 people): Will welcome and befriend newcomers at conventions.  After convention, they will maintain relationships after conventions end.
  • Class Representative (1 per grade): Encourages and recruits other members of their grade to be involved in more conventions and chapter events while planning a grade program for each convention.
  • Sunshine Chair: Communicates with members and advisors to keep track of birthdays in USY.  They will use the SWUSY Sunshine Facebook account to post for birthdays and these events, along with compliments.

Social Action/Tikun Olam VP

  • 613 Chair: Encourage membership to all USYers in the 613 Mitzvah Corps and help plan and execute 613 late night programs at conventions. Will also help lead 613 related initiatives outside of conventions. Will also be a member of SA/TO Squad, but with a bigger emphasis on 613 Corps.
  • SA/TO Squad (2-3 people): Reaches out to chapter SA/TO’s to help plan programming and bring awareness to social action issues by helping with social action programs at conventions.. Works with regional SA/TO and other RGB members to plan and execute small scale fundraising (i.e. Kiss-O-Grams, Senior Auction, selling regalia) and will promote SA/TO initiatives (i.e. Penny Wars, Community Service Competition). Will support and educate all chapters and chapter SA/TOs regarding tzedakah and will help inform the region about the allocation process and international Tikun Olam Fund. In the case of natural disasters within the region, will mobilize USYers to best support and help those affected.
  • T.O. Money Maker: In charge of fundraising on the regional and chapter levels and creating new fundraising ideas. This person will help each chapter SA/TO set and reach a Tikun Olam goal for the year, and will check in with them to help up the bar on fundraising. They will also help anyone come up with fundraising ideas and will be in charge of creating and implementing new ideas on the regional level, as well as getting people excited about current ideas (like Penny Wars). Will help educate people about allocations and will also act as a SA/TO Squad member, but with an emphasis on the Tikun Olam aspect.

Communications VP

  • Hamayan Editor: Responsible for editing the Hamayan newsletter and compilation of the one-liners. The Hamayan is distributed on the last morning morning of conventions.
  • Paparazzi: In charge of taking pictures and video at regional conventions, as well as collecting pictures from convention attendees throughout the year, and uploading them to Google Drive and sharing them with Comm VP. Will create end of year slideshow with Comm VP. It is strongly encouraged that the Paparazzi owns or has access to a camera other than their phone.
  • Swizzle Assistant Editor: Will work with Comm VP to make sure that the Swizzle, the region’s blog, has articles that are consistently posted, well written, and relevant. The assistant editor will be in charge of gathering articles from different contributors across the region as well as International USY that cover various topics relevant to USY and the Jewish community.
  • Special Media Chair: This new position will aid the Comm VP in creating flyers for conventions and pump up weeks, convention re-cap videos, and promotional videos for conventions, and the region as a whole. It is strongly encouraged that this position has prior knowledge of and access to video editing software and graphic design software (such as Google Drawings, iMovie, Photoshop, Printshop, etc)